Why do dogs eat grass?

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Watching dogs eat grass daily is not a popular thing, but there are some dogs who do this, and this can be a sign of a healthy change in the dog, and generally the grass is not harmful to dogs, but there are some theories that say that who leads dogs to eat grass is having a disorder in Stomach, so when you take your dog on a picnic in rural areas or have a garden or patio with plants at home.

You will probably notice that the dog occasionally eats grass. Why does he do that? The truth is that dogs do not consider plants and grass to taste good or eat them from the severity of hunger. There are several explanations that justify this practice. Read on to know it ……

1. The first reason may be that when the dog feels a stomach upset, eat any herb, plant or herb on his way to cause vomiting and cleanse his stomach. You may have noticed that shortly after eating plants your dog vomits to release toxins and is not disturbing him.

2. The reason our dog can eat grass is a form of stress or anxiety. If our dog is tense or anxious, he can start adjusting everything and eating house plants as a way to release the accumulated energy. This can also happen with dogs that require more exercise.

3. Veterinarians stated and the animal scientists agreed with them. When they put forward their theories, they must admit that it is difficult to imagine that dogs do not like the smell of themselves. It is naive to think that an animal is convinced that there is any disease in itself, so it tries to recover. So regarding the vitamin and mineral complex, the body does not receive the whole substance, so it sends a signal to the brain. The dog tries to fill the deficit by chewing the grass, but its digestive system does not adapt to absorbing such foods (some enzymes are missing).

4. Another reason our dog can eat grass is the lack of vitamins in their diet. Green vegetables contain a high content of vitamins A, B and C, and therefore, when their diet is low in them, they tend to search for them in plants.

Prevent dogs from eating grass:

– Consuming grass is basically harmless, and there is no reason to prevent the dog from eating it unless it eats an unusually large amount every time it comes out or this always causes vomiting, of course, do not let the dog eat or play on the grassy fields that are dealt with the materials Chemical harmful to kill pests or weeds.

if you want to prevent dogs from eating grass, you can do the following:

* Try repeatedly to order the dog not to eat by using negative phrases.

* Always be present and monitor your dog. It is a good idea to not leave your favorite dog uncensored in a grassy area.

* When your dog is uncensored, it must be kept in an area outside any grassed area, and you can also cover grassland with floors or carpets outdoors.

* Finally, you should ask your veterinarian for recommendations and assistance if your dog is still consuming an excess of lawn.

What kind of grass can dogs eat?

Dogs choose grass for taste, not the healing properties of a particular plant. Fortunately, toxic herbs rarely grow in cities, from this aspect the risk is minimal.

But in the rain, the land and air of the city is filled with heavy metals, toxins and other graves, which engulfs pets, savors green. The herb may be poisoned by chemicals.

Also, if a dog eats grass on the street, it can catch any infection (a sick cat that has grown on the grass, or a dog that has floated) or swallow the helminthes eggs. Therefore, you can allow your pet to chew grass only in the countryside, and only if the dog is vaccinated.

Despite a predatory past, many dogs love to chew grass just to taste the grass, and not to clean the stomach or intestines. Deliver gourmet herbs grown at home – clean and safe. For example, oats, wheat or wheat already mentioned, their seeds can be collected with a winter reserve in your yard .