What are the most loyal dog types?

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Dogs are one of the types of mammal animals, from the canine family of carnivores, and they are known for their loyalty, and they were called the best friend of man, due to their ability to remember their owner even after a long time.

And it must be noted that there are many different types and breeds of them, such as a field dog, Hunting dogs, guard dogs, and in this article, we will introduce you to the best types of dogs.

Рthe most loyal dog types  :

The Doberman:

Doberman Pinscher is a type of pet dog. One of the most common types of dog dogs is Doberman dogs. This breed is characterized by intelligence, activity, and loyalty.

These dogs were used as guard dogs or police dogs, but this is no longer common today. In many countries, Doberman puppies are considered one of the most distinctive breeds due to their actual role in society.

The Boerboel:

She has a strong, loyal and stable personality, fixed at the genetic level, through secular exercises. “Natural selection” passed, only strong individuals remained. Having decent physical and mental parameters. There have been many cases of neglect education. After that, Boerboel can be completely different and has a more aggressive and disorderly behavior. Because of their innate self-confidence, many often surrender to themselves in difficult working conditions.

A male often desires individual domination, with individual characteristics of an independent nature. If you put it on a chain, it will mentally crush the dog, which will lead to disproportionate suffering, and why it becomes negative and loses confidence in him as a family member. Communication is the key to a happy life.

– German shepherd:

The German Shepherd is generally considered the most popular breed in the world.

Many people dream of such a dog, and when it comes to serving dogs, a photo of the border guard with a loyal and brave companion, the German Shepherd Dog, appears right before his eyes.

The spread of these dogs is not affected by any global disaster or time, and to this day, representatives of this breed are an example of true loyalty, courage and courage.

– Newfoundland:

Newfoundland under its gentle and calm looks hides treasures of courage and an impressive capacity for work. With exceptional strength, he is active and hard-working, but not restless when he has nothing to do. He has the characteristic of having webbed feet which allow him to be an outstanding swimmer.

The Newfoundland is a dog that perfectly meets the expectations of a family. He is overflowing with love, he is gentle, calm, has an unfailing generosity, does not bark much.

He is protective, loyal and faithful. He is never aggressive and would give his life for that of his master. He has very good health, is not very difficult to educate and is not difficult in everyday life.

-The Bobtail:

Big Bears have a calm and docile personality. It is unlikely that there would be a large, more balanced strain, with the same high guard personality. The dog loves children and is only clumsy in appearance. The dog gladly engages in all active games, moves fast and endures long shifts well.

The thick dog coat protects it from any climate change, and the breed is suitable for keeping in the cage. The dog is associated not only with its owner but also with any member of his family.

It will protect and protect the child while walking and will not respond to an adjacent cat. One of the most contentious and well-intentioned dynasties. But do not offend the dog owner, as she is ready to kill him to death. Read what else there are watch strains.

Cane Corso:

Strong and beautiful, blowing natural strength – this is the cane Corso. It can be called a distinct breed, and their amazing appearance and skills have been preserved for centuries. Many of these dogs are from their closest ancestors – Mulhouse dogs, but of course, time and breeding activities still affect these giants. Today hard dogs are not only bodyguards, but also true friends.