What Are Hypoallergenic Dogs?

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– Pets provide us with so many things that we really appreciate as people. Something hang out to get started. The phrase “man’s best friend” did not come anywhere, and that is exactly what dogs are. Loyal, exciting and fun to play, they are almost perfect pets. A real best friend.

– Hypoallergenic dog breeds are best suited for people with allergies to dogs. However, be aware that this does not mean that they are not generating any reaction . and they come in all shapes and sizes, and there are many breeds to choose from. Whether you are looking for a large dog, a small dog, a friend of your child or a partner in your profession or walking.

-Hypoallergenic dog breeds are divided into types:

1. Hairless American terrier:

This type is characterized by that it has no hair and does not produce dandruff. Its origin is found in the rat strain in the United States in the 1970s, has a sculpted and elegant body and stands out for its active and playful personality. Plus, he’s very smart, affectionate and easily learned.

It comes from the Mediterranean sea cities and was initially used to hunt mice and mice hidden in boats. Though she has a lovely coat, it does not lose it. Therefore, it is ideal for allergy sufferers. She stands out for being smart, graceful and very attentive with her owners. In addition, it is extremely important to brush daily and be careful with your eyes so that the tear hair does not get in.

2. Maltese:

He is cheerful, affectionate, playful, very smart he loves to walk long distances, but once he comes home he enjoys his good couch on the sofa. It is covered with a long, soft cap but does not lose hair. It is considered a compact animal that moves with smooth walking. They are strong and adaptive pets.

3. Italian greyhound :

It has a very thin cloak, and barely loses hair. They are dogs that adapt well to the ground, do not need a garden. But its small size doesn’t fool you, Italian Greyhounds are small active dogs that need a good daily picnic. It is not the best dog breed if you have young children, because it is fragile and frightening. It is also not recommended for use in extremely cold climates, as it is very sensitive to low temperatures.

4. Bedlington terrier:

Bedlington is among the most tender dogs. Not only for his appearance and touch, but also for his temperament. Enjoy the comforts of home, a fairly quiet pet. You will chase small animals outdoors, but can coexist with other pets at home. Its fur is a mixture of strong and soft hair that does not fall out, provides good protection and a very special look .

Hypoallergenic feed requirements:

* According to the results of research, the most common products that cause allergic reactions in dogs are:

– Poultry meat and eggs. – Mutton and beef. – Freshwater fish. – Maize.       – Soybean. – Grains and their derivatives. – Dairy products. – Cabbage.

* Although the previous races are more specific, the list is still very long, so we will leave you with a list of other types of hypoallergenic dogs:

– Basenji. – Bedlington terrier. – Bearded collie. – Fox terrier. – Coton de Tulare. – Chinese Crested. – Dandy Dinmont Terrickere Blue Trier. – Peruvian dog without hair. – Polly. – Irish Water Spaniel. – Welsh dog. – Scottish terrier.