The most dangerous dog breeds

The most dangerous dog breeds

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No dog is  wicked from birth. It is his experiences and education that will make him a potentially dangerous person or not. If a dog is aggressive, it is therefore up to the owner to lecture. On the other hand, certain breeds are more difficult to educate than others, in particular because of their genetic heritage. This is the case with so-called “attack” or “guard and defense” dogs.

1.The German shepherd:

10% of the cases. The German shepherd, from his past as a sheepdog, has a strong attraction for the protection of his territory and his social circle. His distrust of strangers does not, however, lead him to direct violence. The German Shepherd is a thoughtful dog, and it is still rare that he attacks without reason.

The second reason why the German Shepherd is included in the classification of the most dangerous dog breeds is above all that it is a very agile and active dog, which can sometimes have trouble measuring its strength. Without supervision linked to an adapted education, an accident can quickly happen.

2.The American Staffordshire Terrier says “Staff”:

The American Staffordshire Terrier may seem somewhat small around the edges, but in the right environment the Am Staff is very nice and gentle. Durable and sturdy, the American Staffordshire Terrier is a medium-sized dog that can live an average of up to 15 years. With the right home and masters, this dog is friendly, good with children, and has a high level of loyalty.

A ferocious grandfather whose sting is called the bite of death. He is very strong and his teeth are sharp.

3. The German Rottweiler:

The Rottweiler is a powerful, robust and athletic dog. He is considered to be a medium or large dog, his appearance does not hide his incredible power, indeed, the Rottweiler inspires enormous admiration among his fans and almost mythical terror in those who do not know them.

There is no doubt that just the presence of these dogs is enough to command respect and it is easy to be afraid of such a powerful dog. It is not for nothing that the Rottweiler was chosen to embody the devil’s dog in the film series “The Curse”

4.The Tosa Ino or Tosa:

The Tosa Ino or Tosa is a majestic, beautiful and loyal dog, reserved for foreigners but gentle with guardians. A large dog with physical characteristics such as a newborn can exceed 60 cm, Tosa Inu is a large and strong dog with a certain majestic air. It is an mSu: broad skull and anterior sudden depression somewhat surprising.

The nose is black. The eyes are small and dark brown. The ears are small, hanging, thin and long.The body is muscular and long. The back is horizontal and straight, while the chest is broad and deep. The sides are well chosen but not aggressive. This dog’s tail is thick at the base and thin toward the end. When he hangs, he reaches the hock

5.Belgian Shepherd Groendael:

Belgian Shepherd Groendael is the second most popular breed of the current four Belgian Shepherds, perhaps thanks to his beautiful black hair. He is without a doubt a stunning dog, with a vision of elegance and distinction.

However, beauty is not the only characteristic of this beautiful shepherd. He is also a very smart dog with a balanced personality. He is able to practice advanced training and a great response to all kinds of requests. It is an unusual dog. He is very fierce and powerful.