Keep your dog around your pool

Keep your dog around your pool

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In the summer swimming is one of the most important things that a person does, but if there is a puppy at the pool party, then the safety of the dog must be one of the most important priorities, according to a study on the accidents of drowning small animals,

it was noted that the sinking of pets in swimming pools is the most common, many owners new dogs underestimate the danger posed by the pool and underestimate the swimming skill of their new puppy.

People think that all dogs are good at swimming. This is very wrong. Puppies are not always born with the ability to swim, so some factors must be taken into consideration.

to consider if a dog is around the pool:


The first thing you should do when your dog is around the pool is to teach him how to swim.

First, start to persuade the puppy slowly into the water, and lure it into the pool with treatment or game. Enter the blessing with him. Let it roam a little, then try to gently guide it to the steps or to the edge of the pool. Keep playing this mini-game until he feels comfortable when going alone.

The training sessions should be short and backed by encouragement and positive reinforcement so that the puppy is not drowned by exercise. Knowing that your dog can swim will keep your mind comfortable.

2.Erect  Pitch a swimming pool fence :

Treat your dog like a small child. If you have a child at home, you need barriers in all places that may cause danger to him. Solutions are the walls of the pool and children’s gates – you can prevent the unattended puppy from slipping into the pool when no rescue guard is on duty. .

And permanent barriers may be made of aluminum, wood or vinyl. Any swimming pool and spa supplies store can help you find a puppy barrier for your lifestyle and exterior decoration. Or only temporary durations for a short time.

3.Buy a life jacket:

Among the important things to protect your dog or to be reassured as long as he is in front of the pool is the life jacket So all dogs should wear a life jacket while learning to swim – pet life jackets have become more popular in recent years, so you should find a jacket that fits your dog’s body type without much hassle. It is best to also choose additional equipment under the dog’s chest.

4. Install an alarm

If your dog likes to spend all of his time by the pool but is afraid to drown while you are away, install an alarm when your dog approaches or falls alert you and thus you are assured and do not worry about it.

5. Water should always be clean:

the water in the pool must be clean and sterile, so as not to cause illness to your dog, and not to be susceptible to waste.

How do you maintain the pool and the quality of its water?

– Remember to take your dog regularly to one of the toiletries, showers and brushes before every swim in your pool to minimize impurities and hair that can block water and filters. Respect the maintenance frequency of the pool and filters more precisely. Finally, be aware that there are disposable pre-filters to cover the scrapers and thus prevent them from clogging prematurely.

– To avoid damaging your bushing, the installation of an access ramp reduces risk when leaving the water, but the ideal option remains to choose a permanent assembly that is not afraid of strikes. Claws.

– You will understand that bathing your animal in the pool should stay accidental! Remember to give this pleasure in nature from time to time (lakes, ponds, etc.) and prefer games on the water’s edge instead of water. Your dog will benefit from your company without risk.