It is okay to give my dog a bone? Which bones are safe for dogs.

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You may have heard that dogs love chewing bones. You may also have heard that bones are dangerous to dogs. With all the contradictory information about dog bone feeding, it is important that you be able to sort facts, including health benefits and risks.

The truth is that giving a dog a bone can be very dangerous, or, if you are well informed and follow a few simple rules, it can be safe and even good for your little dogs.

A proper diet is important in a dog’s life. It is very important to understand that improper feeding can easily lead to pet health problems. Bones in this regard – a very dangerous product. Its fragments may not be removed from the stomach and remain there for more than a year. In some cases, even the harmless bone can carry a risk. For this reason, you need to know which bones should be given to the animal and which should not. We have identified a list of bones that are strictly forbidden to be given to pets:

1. chicken bones: It is important to keep in mind that it is forbidden to give the animal not only the chicken bones bought but also domestic animals. There are tubular bones in the chicken in the thighs and wings.

2. Turkey bones: Moreover, this same bird is very large, moreover, the slaughter is usually allowed as an adult, at the age of about 2-3 years. During this period, the bones of the animal have already become very strong.

3. Goose bones: The bones of this animal are considered one of the most dangerous dogs. Only duck bones can do more harm. The truth is that geese are usually slaughtered at the age of one or two years. By this age, the birds have already formed bones, which makes them very strong. The broken edges of these bones are very sharp and can easily damage the internal organs of the animal.

4.  Rabbit bones: can also be a serious danger. They are very small and sharp at the broken edges. The most dangerous are the bones of the hind legs, the spine and the ribs. If you want to breastfeed your pet with delicious rabbit meat, it is best to choose meat or canned meat with cartilage for this.

Many dog ​​lovers cook their porridge with the addition of bones. In this case, you can use any bones, however, after preparing the broth, they must be carefully emptied and which of them, even the smallest bone molecules should be removed. Cartilage can be left in porridge, it is beneficial to the animal’s body.

What bones are allowed:

Not many of them:

– Boiled chicken bones can be given to a dog.                      – Beef, circular joints.                                                                            – Spongy bones of beef or lamb. Experts tend to think that the dog will do without better delicacies than they will end up with major health problems.


– All bones of the dog are given only in raw form. – Meat bones – up to 30-50% of the meat portion of the diet, “naked” – no more than 10%. – Let’s peel the bones after eating, not on an empty stomach. – We choose from sharp dog fragments and enough bones to swallow. – Do not give bones to dogs with digestive problems.

– If you find it difficult to calculate the bones of your legs and wings from lint for 30 days – do not give such bones. – In general, if you personally appear to be an unsafe bone for your dog – do not give it. There is always an alternative – bones in the shape of the Earth. Bones in the diet are a privilege of dogs that eat meat and other raw foods. If you want your dog to have beneficial bones – turn it into raw food, and only then will you get the most benefit from the bone.