Is my dog bored?

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Dogs are highly social pets, in addition to having great intelligence, hence the need to emphasize that they need a lot of attention, affection and positive stimulation. .

A dog can be bored for several reasons: it can spend too much time alone at home, not feeling part of the family or because it needs greater physical and mental challenges, which can be harmful to your pet and the environment we share with it. How do you know if your dog is in this situation?

1- Your  dog is “exhausting”:

If it is difficult for you to know if your dog is bored or not, you may be too much in comparison to boredom with us humans. Besides, I should use a word other than “boredom”, because that word prompts us to look for signs that we will not see in a dog.When you imagine someone who is bored, you think of a person who turns his thumbs, “crawls”, looks for something to do … someone a little “amorphous”. Whereas a bored dog is more willingly “in excess”.

Even if other causes are possible, of course, dog trainers tend to think that a dog is bored when, for example, it searches the trash cans, destroys objects, jumps on everyone, often barks … And when a dog looks amorphous, boredom is certainly not the first thing that comes to mind. A “bored” dog does not try to turn itself on, but rather to empty an abundance of energy. This is why the “exhausted” dog, who does “nonsense”, and who is generally discovered to be “unwise”, is often suspected of being a dull dog.

2. The dog has no desire to go out :

One of the most important reasons that you may notice if a bored dog is that it is trying to isolate and refuses to go outside or walk to the point of wanting to sleep only and does not move well.

3. Disobedience:

Here is one of the symptoms that is often noticed in your dog who suffers from boredom, so your dog becomes doing the opposite of what you want and rejects your orders when he obeyed them quite easily. Among the simple solutions.

Keep in mind that all challenges are important to your dog and that you should always train him according to his individual characteristics and limitations. Try to give him a variety of games and ask him to do new things that will help him evolve day after day.

4. Your dog digs a lot:

Even if some dogs are particularly passionate about this activity, a dog may have an urgent need to dig holes in the ground, regardless of its breed. And that’s not necessarily a sign that something’s wrong.

On the other hand, if your garden begins to resemble a war field, your dog digs excessively. To take care of it, a dog in its mouth but also its legs. Digging is another favorite activity in dogs, and over-digging may indicate that a dog is lacking in physical activity and / or occupations.

5. Lack of mixing with other dogs:

One of the most important aspects of training is the social condition the dog lives in. It is also an important way to prevent your dog from getting bored. This also helps them interact more with the outside world and be more enjoyable.

If your dog is used to mixing with other dogs as well as with humans, he will be able to interact easily. If the dog is already social, he is unlikely to be lonely or bored, and this process works best during childhood.

Therefore, devoting time to play with other dogs is a wonderful exercise, as dogs rub with similar natures and different playing styles are not only beneficial for your dog, but also for the way he plays and playing times are less stressful and more enjoyable for the dog.

6. Depression:

Boredom can cause depression in some dogs, manifested with lethargy, sadness, fatigue, and changes in appetite, among other symptoms.

As soon as a dog shows decay it is necessary to determine what are the causes of this state, and it is possible that boredom is one of them. Your dog needs your time and attention.