How to treat your dog on the first day

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Finally the day ahead, you’ll be able to bring your new little buddy home! How will you deal with it and what are the things that you should consider?

– Get home :

When he arrives, you simply have to show him around the area and tell him about the restricted areas. Your puppy should not be in danger, which is why you should arrange your stay so that toxic products or dangerous objects are not within reach.

How is the first night for your companion?

The evening is coming, and you will prepare all your little children at night. For your new puppy, it is a good idea to let him sleep in one room, if not too big for him to feel safe, in a place you’ll refer to, in a basket for example.

What to do at home for your dog’s first day?

When you bring a new puppy home, remember that her life has so far been spent with her mother and her companions. Getting used to a new home – new smells, new people, and possibly new siblings in the form of other pets – will take time. On the other hand, if you bring an adult home, the suitcase they bring with them can include emotional baggage – fear, nervousness – from a previous relationship.

In both cases, your mission will be the same: feed your new animal with a discreet comfort zone. Whatever you do, don’t overwhelm it with a welcoming party of noise and visitors. Plan to spend the first day at home with your pet, letting them know about their new searches – indoors and out. If you bought a case, put the animal in the enclosure, but do not force the problem. Allow it to enter on its own terms: Keep a door policy open all day. The till will soon become a welcome haven in an occupied house .

Some tips for complaining or crying:

– Take a cloth or blanket that will smell like his mother and siblings. This will reassure him.

– Offer him a soft toy to replace the lost presence of brothers and sisters.

– To mimic her mother’s heartbeat, you can wrap an alarm clock that works the clock.

Getting her used to her needs abroad :

Your new boyfriend will quickly respond to the need for outdoor bowel movements if you are used to walking several times a day, at certain times (after eating for example). Once properly eliminated, you can reward it with treatment that will make it used to record good behavior.

To encourage the evacuation of urine and stool outside, walk the puppy several times a day (after each meal, each nap or night, a game …) and reward each elimination correctly carried out. It is better not to use newspapers (otherwise double learning would take place and the puppy could continue to poop inside the house as an adult, even if the newspapers are not present).

Take the puppy out to town or to the country, even if the vaccination program has not yet been completed. Avoid areas frequented by large numbers of dogs to reduce the risk of disease transmission.

How to make your dog social?

It is advised to introduce your puppy very quickly to your friends or people outside of the family. It is really important to understand that you are his family. Likewise, you must wait for the puppy to be out in the country or in the city until it is fully vaccinated. Then you should encourage contact as much as possible with other dogs and other people. Try to bring your friends with their dogs and hold a small party at home or abroad in order to be aware of the presence of people and friends of animals from dogs and cats..