How to prepare your dog to be left alone at home

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Sometimes you find yourself forced to leave your dog alone at home, so you will definitely feel anxious and tense just as your dog will feel when you leave him every time and go to work or to meet your friends. And surely you notice the signs of sadness and sorrow for your dog, and you may feel guilty for leaving him alone, especially when you hear your dog crying when you close the door of the house and prepare to go out .

But sometimes it may increase, whether when you come back to find your dog has torn carpets or scratched doors and bitten your shoes and other behavior and behavior is not desirable from dogs.

Steps to take before leaving your dog alone:

1.Make your dog feel safe :

In order to provide a fun and safe time for your dog when you leave the house you can try training your dog to sit in the cage while outside your home. Dogs may resist the idea of sitting in the cage at first, but this is normal, but it deserves some effort in training. The cage will enable you to restrict the movement of the dog in one place and thus you will avoid any devastating effects that the dog may have during your absence.

The cage will also ensure your dog has a feeling of complete safety. Training a dog to sit in the cage is easy, but in the beginning, it may take a long time for your dog to get used to this important step.

2. Try to provide the facilities for your dog in your absence:

Modern technology now enables us to communicate better with humans, and so do pets. Some unconventional ideas that can be used while you are away and leaving the dog alone at home are the use of surveillance cameras and wireless microphones. You can install some cameras around your home and control them via your smartphone. You can also send messages to your dog and talk to him from a distance if you notice an aggressive behavior, loneliness or panic.

The means by which he plays: – Buy different types of toys every day for chewing and other destruction, and also provide one to play, tuck or mess with. Thus, your dog gets busy during your absence and does not feel empty to go to do unpleasant things.

3. Tired your dog before leaving:

The best thing to do before leaving your partner at home alone is to exercise. If you take your dog out for a walk or a game of play in the garden in the morning, it is likely that he will fall asleep right after! This allows you to leave the house without worrying your pet.

4.Don’t give in to emotional blackmail:

While this may be tempting, do not return home if your pet begins to cry, moan, howl or bark upon departure. Wait for him to calm down and then congratulate him with a benevolent tone, a light caress and a treat. The treat should only be given upon departure and when you return home. Indeed, giving a treat to your return will make him all the more impatient and anxious to see you return.

Is there an ideal time to leave your dog alone?

No, since it does not depend on a number of hours only. Take a dog who stays alone 8 hours all day, every day, and who goes out for an hour every morning in the fields and again an hour every evening in the forest. Take the same dog and the same duration of solitude and, now, bring him out 10 minutes at 7 am and 10 minutes at 7 pm around the endless same block.

This same duration of 8 hours seems relatively well compensated in the first case, inhuman in the second case. Many people take dogs with crazy schedules and are unable to assume. Other people work daily and are organized enough to offer good compensation to their dog on a daily basis.

If you are looking for a figure, in my opinion that is only mine, from an ethical point of view, that begs the question from 8 a.m. (every day, every week). But it depends on what the owners of the dog offer him before and after work. I know some who spend almost their evenings outside with their dog, or late afternoon if they finish around 4 pm for example; it’s almost like a second day and it’s very active.

We cannot talk about this subject by considering only a number of hours. But if you need a benchmark, considering just a figure, for my part 8 hours alone, it starts to belong for a dog … For everything, pee, poop, interactions, entertainment. I take into account the reality of most people. If I don’t take it into account (so in an ideal world that doesn’t exist, right), I would say that leaving your dog alone for 5 hours is bad enough. Some dog trainers will tell you zero hours, others max 3 hours, there is no official figure.