How to Handle a Stray Dog?

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Many times you can encounter a dog wandering alone in Islamic law and showing signs of it being lost so you want help, but unfortunately you are afraid to harm you. In this article we will learn about the best way to treat a lost dog.

1. Make sure the dog has its owner:

Be aware that not all stray dogs on different streets are dogs that have been born on the streets, they may be lost from their owners, and their owners may have abandoned them as well. In any case, you will have to try to search for a potential dog owner.

The first point is to see that He used to have a collar around his neck, ask in the veterinary clinics in your area, and if you feel that there is a high possibility of a dog owner, do anything that might connect you to his owner.

For example, place ads on social networking sites or ask all the shops near the dog’s location or You can leave the whole thing to someone working in the field of animal rights or any animal welfare association.

2. Try to find out if the dog is dangerous or not:

Stray dogs are divided into two types. A dog that is raised in the street or a dog that has been lost from a house or is missing is often a dog who spent most of his life in the street less aggressive, it is accustomed to people, and the second type is the type that may pose a danger to you.

For his owner, for whatever reason, he will have a lot of suspicion and mistrust towards all people, because he did not accustom to street life, and he was forced at some point in his life to change his lifestyle from full care by humans to depend on himself to obtain food and take care of himself In all respects, only approach stray dogs when they are assured that they are not aggressive. You can be sure of note and slow progress towards them.

3. Make sure that the stray dog does not have any disease:

When you find any stray dogs on the street, you do not know what possible diseases may be present in his body, so you will have to try to find any signs of disease in the dog.

The first disease: rabies that is transmitted to humans, and it is considered one of the most dangerous and most widespread diseases from animals to humans if you find the dog irritated and barking and moving and always shows his desire to bite the people close to him, and if you find it he refuses to drink water at a time when his saliva Frequently, all of these signs indicate the presence of rabies in stray dogs, as there are other completely different signs that indicate the presence of rabies, such as the dog appears to be lean and unable to move at the same time that it is drooling as well if you notice any of those.

Signs do not come from the dog and you will have to prevent others from being bitten by the dog and the disease is transmitted to them, there are some other diseases that may be present in dogs such as dog fever (or dog measles), or that the dog has a large number of fleas and ticks, or Ringworm infection of various types, as well as heartworm disease and other diseases that may be present in a large proportion of stray dogs.

4.Build a relationship with the dog:

When you are sure that the dog is healthy and not dangerous, you can get close to him at this stage.

You need to use all known flexible methods to gain the confidence of stray dogs, build a suitable shelter for him, feed him all the time, make him participate with you in the various games that you play, Take him for walks, you will have a great opportunity, the stray dog is not accustomed to this kind of interest, but at the same time, he will feel a lot of tension in the beginning, because there is this full interest focused on him.