How do I make my dog trust me?

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The dog is a pet that is very loyal to its owner and appreciates every effort it makes for it, so if you want to be between you and your dog a relationship based on trust, try these steps:

1. Meet the necessary dog needs:

The dog is like a human appreciates who appreciate him , so when you buy all its needs and give him the importance Make him feel safe.

2. Serve him:

Feed the dog. Offer your favorite food during regular times throughout the day, and it is recommended that you feed your dog twice daily. You have to provide the dog with a source of water all the time in order to drink whenever he wants.

3. Leave the dog with his own space:

This may be a comfortable box or bed for you, and in front of you you will find many dog pillows and baskets to choose from at pet supply stores. That is where the dog is a place to go if he feels intimidated or distressed and wants to return to him to feel safe and sit alone for a bit. You can offer him some games to play on his own, many dogs may not like all the games you offer them, and you may choose one favorite game and completely neglect the other games.

4. You must pamper the dogĀ :

You have to start patting him and pampering him with your hand very gently under his head, not above his head or near the back of his back, the dog will not feel threatened if you use the palms of your hand under his head to pamper him.

Make sure that the dog sees you as you approach him to pamper him because your proximity to it is hidden without feeling it may scare him and it will not help you build confidence with him and it may expose you to biting as a result of his fear.

5. Take the dog out for picnics:

If you want to build trust between you and him, you have to be gentle in playing with him at first, and after a month, the dog can start trusting you, you can play with him with the ball, tossing and picking, speed racing or any game that the dog loves and enjoys.

The more you walk with the dog, the more confident you will be.

6. Train your dog:

Use rewards instead of punishment. Because the goal here is to promote positive behavior and not to use punishment as a method of training, because most dogs understand the relationship between rewards and their behavior more clearly than they understand the relationship between their actions and what they may be subjected to punishment.

Never hit a dog, and if you don’t like what it means, calm down its river quietly with a phrase like “No”.

7. Bring the dog closer to other dogs and leave him for dating:

After the dog loves you and loves him and becomes like a spirit twin, then you might consider adopting another dog, and if you can’t, then all you have to do is take the dog for more walks until he meets other dogs more often.

Dogs that are not used to social life, even if they are not abused, may appear to behave as if they have been abused before so you should help the dog to socialize with other dogs if it is not social in the first place because that helps him Even if he was not abused before.