How do I make my dog obey me?

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Dogs are pets and are useful to humans in many areas. Some are used for guarding, some are used for hunting, or for guarding sheep and cattle, and despite the diversity of dogs in terms of shape  and size, they all belong to the canine breeds, dogs that represent wolves and foxes, and the jackal, and domestic dogs are a breed of wolves that came from Europe and Asia And North America, and it has been domesticated by humans for more than 14,000 years.

Does the dog have trouble hearing you? You just adopted a puppy and want to have an obedient, well-groomed and well-mannered dog, you just have to consider some ways .

-Start at an early age:

It is important to start educating the puppy from an early age, as soon as it is adopted. The intellectual development of the puppy is indeed very important during the first months of its life. The sooner you teach him the main orders, the more he will be able to learn new orders later.

The equivalent:

Dog education depends mainly on the method of positive reinforcement (rewards). In fact, the dog learns more through rewards (words, rewards, petting), and not through punishment. This is why the positive reinforcement method must strengthen this link between the master and the dog, and allow the dog to learn in pleasure. He will then perform orders of far greater energy through passive reinforcement learning (based on reprimand).

Using the passive reinforcement method, the dog may also end up in obedience, but he will do so for fear of reprimanding, not having fun.

So it is important to reward the dog often during his education. The reward will be adapted for your dog: for greedy dogs, the rewards will be perfect for his training; While the game can be used in dogs that are not very greedy but playful.

The reward must be given at first each time the dog properly obeys. When your dog begins to understand exercise well, you can gradually decrease the labs in favor of a verbal reward (for example, “Yes! She is in a very good position!”) ​​Or petting.

Finally, it is important not to object to your dog when he executes an order, even if his response takes too long and annoys you (for example when you want him to come back to you, and he does not return right away). In fact, in this case, all your dog will remember is that when it comes back to you it is disputed. Next time he will obey less. So it is important to congratulate him well when carrying out the order, even if it is not immediate.

Setting limits on the dog:

It is also important to teach your dog the limits. He must indeed know what he has the right to do, but also what is prohibited for him. For example, if you want to prohibit her from going to the bedrooms or getting on the couch, it’s important to teach her from an early age. It is indeed important for the dog that you are constant in his education:

If you let him climb on the sofa when he is small, he will not understand why he is no longer allowed to climb on it when he has grown up, and it will be much more difficult to relearn him. It is therefore important to set limits from the start. Likewise, it is important to teach your dog at a young age not to jump on people. If your dog has a tendency to do so, you can consult our fact sheet on this subject, and discover our advice for your dog to stop jumping on people.

– The first thing a dog should learn :

Sit your dog:

In many young puppies, “sitting” is the arrangement they understand faster. The primary method for your animal to incorporate it is like many requests, to reward it when it executes it properly. However, it is important to be attentive to the behavior of the dog, and to make sure that he understands that his reward is directly related to this matter:

Do not sit with him during his feeding, as often and more often in small dogs, then pointing the index finger down while giving it the command “sit” To simplify the understanding of the animal.