Dogs language explained

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Dogs like many animals, express their opinion and position through body language, through body movements,

in addition to this they also use the tone of voice to express.

Move the tail :

Moving the tail is one of the most popular dog movements that it uses to express its different feelings and what it wants, and it consists in:

– Lifting and lowering the tail:

dogs that always raise their tail up are strong, dominant, and dominant over other weak dogs and vice versa; Whereas lowering the tail indicates that this dog is weak and more subject to other dogs larger and stronger.

– Moving the tail:

When a dog moves its tail slowly, this indicates that it is exploring what is happening around it, especially when it is in a new place, and sometimes the movement of the tail may also indicate the dog’s sense of confusion.

– Tail-lift: The tail is raised up and it rocks it. Sometimes this movement indicates a dog’s desire for fun and play.

Moving the mouth:

Also from the bodily language of dogs is the expression of various feelings and gestures through the mouth, which are: If the dog yawns: This does not indicate that he wants to sleep as many think.

But it shows that this dog wants to sit alone for some time.

-Width of the dog’s lips: When his lips widen, he will have a good time .

-The dog opened his mouth:

When the dog opens his mouth significantly and his teeth appear, this indicates his feeling of aggression and outrage.

-Opening the mouth and taking out the tongue:

This indicates his willingness to accept orders, accept your approach to it, and deal with it without any problems.

-Mouth closed: This indicates that the dog has discovered something that interests him or something strange that raises his curiosity.

Moving hands and feet :

A dog cannot use its limbs as it uses a person, but moving its hands and feet is one of the most important forms of body language for a dog.

 РWhen the dog moves his hands several times while the feet remain stationary on the ground:

This means that he is in a state of enthusiasm and activity and wants to draw the attention of others to him.

– When the dog moves the hands and feet: this indicates the play and fun of the dog.

– When the dog’s feet are firm and sturdy upright:

 this indicates that he is ready to fight immediately as soon as you try to provoke or overstep his sphere of influence.

Movements of the ears and eyes:

Also, moving the ears and eyes indicates the dog’s desire for something.

– When the ears are retrograde with refraction and fading it appears in the dog’s eyes with the inability to focus or look at the owner’s eyes:

Denotes the dog’s intense fear and be terrified of something.

– When the dog’s ears are facing forward and raised:

This action indicates its focus, readiness, and good attention to the orders it listens to from its owner.

– When the dog’s ear is relaxing, not stretched, and hanging:

This indicates that in a situation of anger and feeling bad it may result in a serious and sometimes negative reaction.

– The dog’s eyes are wide:

When the dog does this position, this indicates that the dog has discovered something that interests him or something strange that raises his curiosity.

Facial movements:

The facial expression of dogs is deeper than moving the tail in its meanings; As some dogs express their feelings, either happiness or joy in the face.

For example, there are some dogs that smile when you feel happy and that appears on the face, and when you feel pain and sadness, this is depicted in the eye and face as well.