7 ways your dog can help you lose weight in winter ?

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In the cold winter months, it is hard to evoke the courage to brave the weather and go outside for an exercise. But just because you are stuck indoors does not mean that you have to pack your salaries as you and your child do in hibernation for this season.

You can still keep fit, lose weight, and stick to your New Year’s decision with these ten exercises that will make your child help you get in shape while you’re indoors.

1. Do the training with the dog:

This training routine includes giving your puppy a reward to help him stretch and stay fit while doing some exercise. You will need to have a dog that likes to hang out while doing all the work, which is more exercise for you than your dog. But it’s a fun way to give your dog more rewards, or you can exchange it for dinner to prevent him from eating fast.

2. Use the stairs:

If your house has a drawer, use it well and exercise. You can do a lot of stair exercises. The presence of your cap with you is one of the most important motives that make you build a sports body for you and your dog and you are in good health.

3. Walk every morning:

Daily walking an hour for one hour is one of the best sports especially if you enjoy your dog with it it is one of the best ways to help you lose weight and also speed up the heartbeat.

4. Eat a diet rich in vegetables :

Since a large number of vegetables is a good food for your dog, and also for you because it contains many benefits and minerals in addition to that, vegetables are among the most important foods that do not contain calories after all of this. Vegetables are a good way to lose weight.

5. Pay attention to the quantities consumed :

It is known that losing weight should be careful what you eat, especially the parts! For this, use a small plate that determines how much food you will eat. Use it only once and try to reduce the amount of starchy foods you eat like rice by 25% (one quarter). Another tip: The use of round and colorful dishes is very important because it allows you to better visualize your food, monitor the amount of food you have eaten (and also add a touch of joy to your dishes and of course if you do these ways you and your dog will enjoy more and will be easier to apply and balance with them .

6.Monitor weight at least once a week:

Buy a dog scale or use the weight method you used before, then make a table. Note this weight schedule every week so that you can monitor its progress.                                                                                                                    You must also measure your weight monthly to reach your ideal weight.

7. Drink water well:

Among the most important factors that lose weight is the natural drinking of water, because it contains many benefits for you and your dog. Try to keep an amount of water daily and avoid forgetting and drinking small amounts.