7 senior dogs who are just as cute  as puppies

7 senior dogs who are just as cute as puppies

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1. American eskimo dog :

The Eskimo is considered a loyal dog breed, and it is also difficult, because that is due to its original environment, as it is brave, Dogs are best suited to accompany adults, more than children, and when he sees sled dogs he feels a lot of enthusiasm and excitement, and this is due to his original environment, he loves the cold weather, and he often prefers sleeping outside the house in cold climates, and the Eskimos come in three different sizes,

2. Alaska Klee Kay:

The dog will coexist well with one person and a large family. It has an amazing amount of energy. All the people who see her on the street are touching. On the surface, the animal looks like a Siberian husky.

But his eyes are very beautiful, big and smart. Miniature versions have a completely different character and temperament. They love to have fun walking. For them, this is a real vacation. Unity is unbearable.

They suffer a lot when the owner is not at home for a long time. Communication is their hobby. Often times, besides the bark, they start to “talk”. Pets fully understand the owner’s gestures, feel the mood.

3.English Bulldog:

The appearance of the English bulldog, it is worth noting an unusual sign for some its face may seem ridiculous, but this at first glance it is a nice dog, enjoying a fairly strong jaw, with a number of open teeth. It can be seen even with a tight jaw.

4.Labrador dog :

It is one of the smartest dogs that respond very quickly to training, and it is one of the fiercest dogs that makes him scare whoever approaches him, but he is really quite different. And he is considered very sincere to his friends, which makes him may become depressed, in the event that it is kept away from its owner at times and also classified as very active dogs, which love playing and fun. It is a very delicate type of dog, so it can be raised with any other animal.

5.Brittany dogs:

A Brittany dog is a likeable, always obedient animal, eager to delight its owners, happy and energetic. This lively breed is extremely active and gentle and is considered to be a dog with an independent personality that thinks freely. They are also good dogs with children if they grow up with them from the postpartum stage.

6. Maleno dog:

A dog that is very intelligent, and also has a pride. It is one of the very active dogs, as it has a very large internal energy, and is also fierce in nature, which requires permanent training for it in order to subject it to the orders of its owner as it is a dog that is very loyal to its owner, in contrast to the rumors that revolve around him and describes him as not fulfilling it is very cheerful, loves starting and freedom, is very brave and has self-confidence. He does not know hesitation, has very fast decisions, and his reaction is very unexpected and curious, and he has a passion for exploring everything around him.

7. Greater Swiss Mountain Dog :

As in all large dogs, they are very active and need to work on them. This creates friendship that should be at an early stage of life with dogs and other people. Daily exercises for these dogs should be provided, and they are ideal for living with the family in the same house and with children, despite All the fatigue that she causes, but she is very loyal and kind.