7 questions to ask when choosing dog

7 questions to ask when choosing dog

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Dogs are wonderful life companions and bring joy to many homes. But you will need to make sure to choose the right person for your family and lifestyle. Different dog breeds have very different needs in terms of personality, mood, and exercise. You will need to consider all of these elements when choosing a dog for your family.

1.Do I have enough free time to take care of it?

Taking time for yourself after an exhausting day of work remains important. However, you will need to give at least 30 minutes of attention for the walk. Every day, in all weathers and summer and winter. In addition, you will need to wash it regularly. And if he has long hair, you will be forced to brush it almost every day.

2.What size do you want?

Upon completion of the initial searches and deciding the presence of a dog, you will need to decide which is the best size for you. If you have a little space available, you shouldn’t take up too much space. In some cases, even in apartments where you are allowed to keep the dog, you must respect the restrictions imposed on its size. Think about what you want – a little dog wandering around on your legs, or a large dog that scares potential intruders .

3. I already have an animal, will they get along?

If you already own pets, make sure they get along with new dogs or puppies. Beforehand, you can test the behavior of your animal with a relative who also has animals. You will have a lot of information on the reception conditions of the newcomer.

4.Am I not allergic?

If this is your first dog and you have never had to live with a dog, make sure you are not allergic to it. It can happen, just like someone you know can do. It is more prudent to check before you commit.

5. Is it advisable to enlarge the family if you are expecting a baby?

If the pregnancy is very late, it may be best to wait until the baby is born and wait until you are used to your new life. On the other hand, if the pregnancy is still nascent, the adoption of a dog poses no problem.                                                               It is important that you take into account the changes that will occur in the following months.                                                                                                                        Dogs, in general, are not mean to children. On the contrary, what can disturb a dog is rather the disruption of his life with a sudden change and the arrival of an additional person. If you gradually accustom the dog to these changes, there will be no problem with the baby’s arrival.

6.Is owning a garden compulsory for acquiring a dog?

It is certain: owning a garden is a great advantage. But check that it is well fenced to avoid possible runaways. If you do not have one, it is not prohibitive, but avoid large dogs and opt for a doggie maybe older and already used to living indoors.

Last point: if you don’t have a garden, having a park nearby is a good alternative. Your future dog should exercise regularly without always being on a leash. And in case of urgent natural needs, not having to travel kilometers remains a real asset.

What food did your new dog eat?

Some shelters send newly adopted animals home with supplies of the food you have eaten, but if this is not the case for your potential dog, ask what feeds the shelter and continue this diet for at least one or two weeks when he’s at home.

Probably you want to convert it to a different diet, preferably a perfect diet that is biologically appropriate, raw or slightly cooked, but this should not necessarily happen on the first day. Everything that happens in the life of your new buddy companion with you will be a little confusing and stressful for him at first, so it’s best not to add a diet change right away to the mix.