6 items that will help make your dog’s coat shiny and healthy

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Health indicator and beauty criterion: the hair is a central subject in dogs too! It’s like our hair, you have to take care of it and know it well so that it looks perfect! Do you know the right things to do to give your dog the  coat it deserves?

1. Use an organic shampoo :

Your dog has an annoying tendency to roll in mud as soon as he can. You tell me, a muddy dog is a happy dog! Of course, but the return home is not frankly happy for the master who must clean up the mess. When bath time comes for Medor, use a shampoo for veterinary use only and preferably organic, healthy and natural. And know that it is possible to make yourself an organic dog shampoo in 2 minutes flat!

2.Brushing the dog:

for long or hard-haired dogs, the shampoo ends with a brushing session! In some dogs with particularly dense hair, brushing should be a daily habit!

This moment can be a great moment of pleasure and complicity between the master and his dog or an ordeal for both! It’s up to you to choose what you prefer! In any case, a good brush will help you: the fulminator for short hairs, the vetocanis for medium-long hairs and the formatter for long and dense hairs, for example, will help you make it a good time for a silky coat and soft !

3.A maximum of two baths per month:

Do not bathe your pet more than twice a month. If possible, do it only once. Dogs are not like us and if you bathe them more often than recommended, you will damage their fur and skin. Indeed, this can, for example, promote irritation or fungus which could cause infections.

4.Make him eat fish :

Even though dogs generally prefer meat, fish is very good for their hair since it contains omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. A little tuna or sardines from time to time can only be beneficial for your hairball! Be careful, however, to give him only boxes intended only for dogs, those found in supermarkets and intended for human consumption being far too high in salt.

5.Keep his basket clean.

Wash it often to avoid the presence of parasites or mites. Be careful not to have blankets or fabrics containing synthetic components, as these can sometimes cause allergies in your animal.

6.Don’t let him walk alone:

Always take him out on a leash, because if he walks alone, he could roll in areas of puddles or swamps. Indeed, there is an impressive amount of bacteria and other tiny creatures that can cause infections on the skin and promote the deterioration of its coat.

– Advice:

Soaps to take care of your skin. Your dog will not have shiny hair if you neglect his skin. You should buy appropriate soaps that moisturize your dog’s skin and provide hygiene and disinfect the area. Consult your veterinarian for the most suitable products for your animal’s breed, age and skin type.