10 easy ways to train a bad dog

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Training dogs in an easy way without getting tired, dogs are good companion pets for humans and they are among the smart animals that are easy to tame, and you must understand that just as you need your dog to be trained, he likewise needs you and follows you to his need for care of cleanliness, food, and others. The relationship is mutually beneficial. And we increase the fulfillment of it, because the dog after a period of accompanying you will find your hands in a soul and accept everything from you, just be patient.

information you should know before training:

– First: You must choose types of dogs that are easy for you to train, such as the Collie, the German Shepherd, the Golden Retriever, and other types of dogs.

– second: it is preferable to have a small dog from a reliable source, whether from a friend or a licensed store and that it be at least 3 months old to be ready to control urination and defecation and have the ability to better understand training requirements.

Dog training methods and teaching some tricks:

Teaching your dog to “roll”:

The dog falls into a roll every time they hear a signal that even the most distracting bystander must be persuaded. This common dog trick will be much easier for canines already familiar with the “down” command. Once you’ve mastered that, get the best of your loved one and his food or game and start training.

And try to reward him with delicious food or anything he loves if he obeys you so the dog feels like a human.

Dog training in the bathroom:

One of the most common problems we encounter when raising dogs at home is how to train dogs in the bathroom Because it is really a problem that bothers the whole family, therefore small dogs should be trained to urinate in specific places.

The most important idea in dog training for tulips is to know when your dog wants to go to the bathroom. Then define a specific word “bath”, for example, to order the dog to go to the bathroom, but the dog does not learn from the first time. So please do not bully Click if it is wrong and continue training small dogs in the bathroom.

Teaching your dog to “walk back”:

– Is there anything better than a dog walking the opposite? Teaching this dog trick is your chance to get your puppy to walk back like a pro.

– Make your dog stop ready.

– Then undo your dog.

– Make sure you get your dog’s attention, then start moving towards them. Some dogs may have a natural instinct to back up as they see you walking toward them.

– If your dog does not start walking at this point, you can try again, this time holding a reward over his head as you walk toward him.

– Once they start walking back, say your command and give a treat.

– You can use a narrow hallway at first to give the dog fewer movement options. –  Also, you can teach him to play in the gardens.

The games:

The games provide good training possibilities while getting you exercising. Studies have shown that dogs learn faster and respond better when training involves play. For example, you can throw a stick to teach your dog the “report” order. By hiding his favorite toy and asking him to find it, you will teach him “search” and “wait”. When these games are organized with other people and other animals around, you will take the opportunity to show your dog how to behave with others.


Widely used by police and government agencies, tag training uses both good and bad behavior to show a dog what is expected of it. In addition, the marking allows you to break down each action into stages to facilitate learning. You must first choose a positive word, like “yes”, to reward good behavior and a negative word, like “no”, to report unwanted behavior.

Then you have to reinforce the meaning of these two words in your dog’s mind, for example by offering a treat after a “yes” and by showing your empty hand after a “no”. Once these words are loaded with meaning, we can mark the success of each step of action with a “yes” and errors with a “no”.